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We are now up to the next step to try and STOP coal mining within the Scenic Rim. This step will require YOUR help.

We have done all the hard work..all you need to do is:

Step 1 - Download the 'letter writing template' below

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Step 2 - Now choose a category of which you would like to base your letter around and find the correct address/email to send to (this is found on the 'ministers contacts' tab)

Step 3 - Ensure you include the Final Question (down the bottom of this page) as this is the goal of Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic.

Step 4 - Fill in the gaps, this is a plea from you so include what it is that makes the Scenic Rim special to you. Try and tie the categories to your passion

How easy was that!

Outdoor Education/ activity Participant

I have recently participated in an outdoor education camp in the Scenic Rim Region. During this camp I bushwalked along........ and rock climbed on ....... as well as camped in the .......National Park. I was lucky to spot a (delete any that you didn’t see) red necked wallaby, a satin bowerbird, a yellow tailed black cockatoo, a wedge tailed eagle and a lace monitor as well as the endangered species (insert if you saw (brush tailed rock wallaby, glossy black cockatoo, bell fruited mallee ash, Mountain banksia) .

I really enjoyed my camp and was blown away by the spectacular scenery that we were in.

Can the minister please explain to me how an industry like Coal and Coal Seam gas mining can occur in the Scenic Rim Region where I experienced only natural beauty and recreation?

World Heritage Listed National Parks.

The Scenic Rim Region is blessed with one of Australia’s most biodiverse areas. It has a variety of significant habitats including the World Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. These rainforests include the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest in the world as well as containing nearly all of the Antarctic Beach cool temperate rainforest.

The mining and petroleum exploration leases that have been granted in the Scenic Rim region directly conflict with the protection and promotion of these World Heritage National Parks and would have a direct effect on the sustainability of these international treasures should they progress to actual mining.

Can the Minister please outline how the State Government is planning to protect the Scenic Rim’s World Heritage values from the obvious threat of mining?


The Scenic Rim region supports a large population of rare and threatened species including the Eastern Bristlebird, the Alberts Lyrebird, the Spotted Tail Quoll as well as the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby and the Glossy Black Cockatoo. In fact the Scenic Rim is one of Australia’s most biodiverse areas.

The Scenic Rim region and its outstanding biodiversity is facing a clear danger from mining and petroleum leases. Any form of mining will have direct consequences to the habitats that protect this outstanding biodiversity.

Can the Minister please outline the actions that the State Government will be doing to protect this internationally and nationally significant biodiversity hotspot from mining and petroleum leases?

Indigenous / Cultural Heritage

The rich cultural landscape of the Scenic Rim is similarly impressive in the depth of its historical and contemporary diversity. The association of people with the Scenic Rim begins with its Aboriginal inhabitants. Their stories, rituals and traditions highlight that Aboriginal people cared for a living landscape.

Historical documents mention the Mununjali, Yugambeh and Ugarapul peoples and describe how they traded local resources and maintained a high level of interaction with relatives and other family groups throughout the region through their ceremonial gatherings. These gatherings have always been an important part of Aboriginal life and helped reinforce social relationships and connections to land. Festivals and ceremonies were often held at places of special significance. For example, a number of bora-rings and other ceremonial sites are known to exist in the Scenic Rim.

Can the Minister please outline how the State Government is planning to maintain the rich cultural heritage of the Scenic Rim region if viable coal mining or coal seam gas deposits are found and mined?


The agricultural industry in the Scenic Rim is made up of approximately 939 businesses, employing an estimated 1,453 people, and contributing $165.7 million to the local economy.

Can the Minister please outline the actions that the State Government would implement to protect this strategically important industry from the incompatible industries of Coal or Coal Seam Gas mining?


The vision for tourism in the Scenic Rim region is to develop a vibrant and sustainable tourism activity for the Scenic Rim that offers genuine visitor experiences that celebrate the region’s unique and world-class natural assets, rural and small town character and community values.\

The values that underpin this tourism strategy reflect both industry and community aspirations identified during the consultation phase. These values are summarised as follows.

1.       The natural environment and rural and small country town charm of the region is the most important factor to take into account in considering the future of tourism in the region. The overarching value that Scenic Rim communities and industry place on the natural environment, local character and lifestyle mean that destination development must remain consistent with this character and not prejudice its long term value to the community.

2.       The type, nature and scale of tourism development and infrastructure in various parts of the Scenic Rim should reflect local character and community values. An increasingly important set of values within the community and amongst operators is a commitment to ‘local living economies’ and sustainability.


Can the Minister please outline how coal and coal seam gas mining fits in with the above values and what actions the State Government is proposing to help this vibrant community maintain these values?

Food Production

Our farmers are important stewards and custodians of our regional landscape. They contribute greatly to our environment, scenic landscape and way of life. Buying local produce helps to reduce the carbon footprint of food production by minimising transport; reduced time between paddock and plate ensures fresher healthier food and it will help our farmers to be more economically sustainable and ensures a strong, dynamic agricultural landscape.

Can the Minister please outline how coal and coal seam gas mining is compatible with the largest industry within the Scenic Rim Region – Farming?

Further, if Mining Leases are allowed within the Scenic Rim Region how will the State Government maintain the viability of the current farming operations, without just relying on compensation which is in fact an admission that the two industries are indeed incompatible?


Food Strategy

One of the key aims of the draft ‘Scenic Rim Local Food Strategy’ is to link local food consumption with local food production, or simply to assist local people and visitors to the Scenic Rim to consume, buy and sell more locally produced food and drink.  The reasons for doing this are many, economic viability of agriculture, a more diversified agricultural landscape, greater sustainability outcomes and from a tourism perspective, ensuring that visitors experience quality and authentic local food and wine as part of the memorable experience in the region and spread the good word about produce and experiences of this unique region of Queensland.

Local food production and consumption is a key focus of the Scenic Rim regions economic development program, and as previously mentioned mining has the potential to put these objectives at risk. This concept of ‘local’ is something that is consistent with and regularly highlighted as a priority by the communities of the Scenic Rim.

Can the Minister please outline how the State Government is supporting this regional community in reaching its aspirations of being a viable “Local Living Economy”?

Scenic Rim Wine Industry.

The Scenic Rim is now home to a number of vineyards and is being recognized as an integral part of the QLD wine industry. Alternative varieties have been successfully planted in the region and a marketing campaign including web site, promotional material, drive maps etc have been developed.

Last year the Scenic Rim Vineyards took part in a “shiraz benchmarking” research program that was funded by the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation and overseen by DEEDI.

Does the Minister understand the adverse effects coal dust has on the flavour of grapes (as witnessed in the Hunter Valley) and what actions is the State Government implementing to protect these vineyards?

Can the Minister explain how one arm of DEEDI is actively encouraging and helping the wine industry in the Scenic Rim while another arm of DEEDI oversees the destruction coal mining can bring to small rural communities?

Can the minister explain how the State Government will protect tourism in the area that is directly linked to the viability of the Scenic Rim vineyards?

Land Based Recreation in the Scenic Rim

The Scenic Rim is blessed with a plethora of National Parks, State Forests and local reserves on which a large number of residents of the SEQ region come to recreate. The beauty and green spaces that residents live within are also the reason many recreational participants venture into this region. The other reason the Scenic Rim is so utilised for recreation, is its proximity to the large urban centres of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich.

The scope of land based recreation includes but is not limited to Bird Watching (the largest participatory sport in the world), bushwalking (over 20 Bushwalking clubs utilise the parks within the Scenic Rim), Horse Riding (the Scenic Rim has polo fields, racecourses, as well as many residents who choose the area for its compatibility with horse riding) and Cycling.

Can the minister please outline how this unique land based recreation region will be protected from Coal and Coal Seam Gas industries which are completely incompatible with the regions current recreational focus?

Australia’s Green Cauldron

In October 2005, Tourism Australia and Parks Australia formed a unique partnership to create Australia’s National Landscapes.  This national strategic approach to nature-based tourism seeks to differentiate Australia’s iconic natural and cultural destinations, and improve the delivery of quality visitor experiences throughout the protected areas and surrounding regions. By highlighting our tourism assets, the program aims to promote and support the conservation of some of the world’s most distinct and rich environments. 

There are only 12 regions which have qualified as National Landscapes to date and one of these is the Green Cauldron which encompasses the Mt Warning area in north eastern NSW and almost half of the Scenic Rim (eastern and southern areas).

Can the Minister please indicate if they believe coal mining is consistent with the National objectives for this region and if not then what will the ministers actions be regarding the potential for coal mining in the Qld sector of the Green Cauldron?

Tourism Action Plan to 2012

Tourism Action Plan to 2012 - Joint statement from Premier of Queensland and Minister for the Arts Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading

The Tourism Action Plan to 2012 will help protect the jobs of the 222,000 Queenslanders who are directly and indirectly employed in tourism now, while growing the industry in the years ahead. This plan – developed in direct response to the concerns of tourism operators and organisations across the State – will be delivered in partnership with the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC).”

Many areas of the Scenic Rim support successful nature based tourism ventures and in turn create a sustainable economic base and on-going jobs in the area.  These industries are growing rapidly in the Scenic Rim.

Does the Minister believe that allowing coal mining in these areas is consistent with the values as stated by the Minister in the Tourism Action Plan?

Queensland Tourism Strategy
The Queensland Toursim Strategy has the following outcomes

The Queensland Tourism Strategy (QTS) lays the foundation for the coordinated and sustainable development of tourism in Queensland and gives industry and government the vision, goals, targets and actions to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the industry over the next 10 years.

By 2016 Queensland will have a flourishing industry that:

·         showcases Queensland as a leading, vibrant and innovative tourism destination;

·         delights visitors with enriching, enjoyable and exciting visitor experiences that are distinctly ‘Queensland’;

·         generates business growth and profitability, creates jobs and stimulates the growth of the Queensland economy;

·         enriches the lifestyles of Queensland communities;

·         celebrates and protects our Queensland culture, heritage and magnificent natural environment; and

·         champions an industry-wide culture of partnership and mutual respect.

Could the Minister please outline how the above outcomes for sustainable development of tourism can be realised by allowing coal mining in Scenic Rim areas which have a strong economic focus on nature based tourism?



Given the above concerns that I have regarding coal and coal seam gas mining exploration in the Scenic Rim Region, and the very clear reasons I have provided why it is totally inappropriate, I would like you to invest in the only clear action which would stop this inappropriate development.

Can the minister please outline when the State Government is going to apply a moratorium on Coal and Coal Sam Gas exploration in the Scenic Rim as a short term stopgap until proper consultation develops an exploration model excluding areas of national significance.


Phone: 07 5544 3233
Fax: 07 5544 3233
Email: keepthescenicrimscenic@gmail.com


Ministers Contacts

This is the time for early action to halt coal exploration and mining in The Scenic Rim ... don't just "wait and see".  You will discover that your legal rights are very limited, but are strongest when coal interests are in the "exploration" stage, not much can be done once they have been issued with a mining permit.

Steps to taking action:

1. Scenic Rim residents can have their say before April in the Scenic Rim Community Plan http://www.scenicrim.qld.gov.au/get-involved-and-have-your-say

This is one of the most important actions you can take as a community member!!! Your views will direct Council and State Governments wishes into the future.

Complete this 3 question online survey and have your direct say.

Paper copies can be obtained from Council.

For further info contact Rodney Ringe at Council: 5540 5360  

2. Start a letter writing Campaign

Start a letter writing campaign now. Successfully stopping coal exploration and mining is most effective when every community member gets involved and puts pen to paper.

General Tips:  

·         summarize why you are against coal exploration and coal mining

·         state what you expect

·         ask key questions that they are compelled to answer (in the format of "Please advise how ........"

·         include your contact details so they can respond

·         at the end of the letter, list who else you will send a copy of the letter to. e.g. when sending to the Mayor, CC: in each of the councillors, and send them a copy of the same letter as well, so they know what is going on, and can represent you better

·         for lots of responce CC: in the opposition Minister at State and Federal level, and any minor parties

·         sign and date every letter, and keep a copy

·         update your "Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic" committee with any responses

  Who to write to:

Local Government  

Mayor John Brent - Needs to hear the communities input on coal mining so that he can properly represent our feelings at all levels of Government mayor@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Deputy Mayor Dave Cockburn - Needs to hear the communities input on coal mining and infrastructure development so that he can properly represent the community and its needs for the future.
and CC:  in the Deputy Mayor, your councillor and/or all of the councillors

Scenic Rim Regional Council                        PO Box 25 Beaudesert QLD 42 dave.c@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Member of Parliment

Scott Buchholz MP                              Federal Member for Wright                      P.O. Box 628, Beaudesert 4285 Scott.Buchholz.MP@aph.gov.au

State Government

The Hon Vicki Darling MP                         Minister for Environment                        GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001 derm@ministerial.qld.gov.au

The Hon Stirling Hinchcliffe MP        Minister for Employment, Skills and Mining  PO Box 5422
STAFFORD HEIGHTS QLD 4053 stirling.hinchliffe@queenslandlabor.org

CC:  the following  ministers in, or write to them seperately

The Hon Andrew Fraser MP               Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development
GPO Box 611, BRISBANE QLD 4001 treasurer@ministerial.qld.gov.au

The Hon Tim Mulherin
Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland              GPO Box 46, BRISBANE QLD 4001 mackay@parliament.qld.gov.au

The Hon Jan Jarrett MP                   Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business                                     GPO Box 1141, Brisbane QLD  4001 whitsunday@parliament.qld.gov.au

The Hon Aidan Mclindon               Independent MP and leader of 'The Queensland Party http://www.aidanmclindon.com/ beaudesert@parliament.qld.gov.au

Federal Government

All mail to Federal Ministers listed below can be addressed to :

P.O. Box 6022                                          House of Reps                                       Parliament  House                                   Canberra ACT 2600 

The Hon Martin Ferguson MP

Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism, Member for Batman Martin.Ferguson.MP@aph.gov.au

The Hon Tony Burke MP                     Minister for Sustainable Population, Communities, Environment and Water Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au

Useful Websites

http://carabellaresources.com.au/ - The company which has the exploration licence for the Barney View and Maroon regions.

http://www.deedi.qld.gov.au/ - The State Government department that is responsible for mining.

http://www.dme.qld.gov.au/mines/land_access_code.cfm - This is the official policy regarding giving and asking for access to land by the State Government.


Current land access legislation explained.

http://www.edo.org.au/edoqld/edoqld/factsheets/factsheets.htm - The Environmental defenders office is a fantastic resource for this style of information. Look for the heading of mining and read their fact sheets.

http://lockthegate.org.au  - An emerging national alliance of community, industry and environmental groups who are are calling for a balanced and rigorous regulatory approach to police the development of the coal and unconventional gas mining industries in Australia.

http://www.laca.org.au - Logan and Albert Conservation Association. Local volunteers campaigning on environmental issues.  Join now

This is happening right across Queensland and NSW - we are not alone!! See the actions of other community groups:

Northern Rivers Guardians, NSW  - Irate Tweed residents fighting Coal Seam Gas

Friends Of Felton - Felton, which is a farming district on the inner Darling Downs about 30 km south west of Toowoomba. residents have been fighting coal mining since 2008.