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Allegiance Coal continues push for coal mine just south of Boonah

In June 2012 members of the Croftby community and  Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic's committee met with Colin Randall, the Managing Director of Allegiance Coal to understand what the company's plans for its site, just south of Boonah (Mineral Development Licence 138, known as Mintovale).

Mr Randall said  Allegiance Coal was satisfied that there was no legislative constraint to coal mining at Croftby, so his company is proceeding to 'prove' the planned mine will be viable. (proving a 'JORC Measured Resource'  - the phase, after an exploration permit)

Allegiance Coal believes the Croftby mine has a potential production of around 4.5 million tonnes -  300,000 tonnes of high quality, high ash product per year for 15 years. Mr Randall indicated this is probably the smallest feasible mine size, so Allegiance Coal is considering also mining sandstone from the site.

Mr Randall did try to reassure the group that Allegiance  would not proceed with a coal mine development without community support…. but when quizzed further about what “community support” or a “social contract”, it became clear that this simply boils down to being able to reach agreement with the landholders within the MDL.

Allegiance Coal will need to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement as part of any application for a Mining Lease, but Mr Randall showed little interest in the possible impact of the mine on the surrounding communities and the local environment. Instead, he spoke about benefits  such as employment of up to 30 people as machinery operators etc., and possible contributions to Council for road upgrades or other infrastructure. When quizzed about other benefits, Mr Randall appeared  hard pressed to come up with anything further

The implications, if you live near Boonah or travel from there to Beaudesert:
People in the mine site would get bought out, but what about others who live in the surrounding 10-20-km? A visit to existing mines in Qld or elsewhere shows they can be severely impacted by coal dust (major health implications), noise from the mine and trucks, lights etc.

Trucks, trucks, trucks - to get the coal  and gravel out, massive b-double trucks will need to go through Boonah (past the primary school), en-route to Bromleton, near Beaudesert, to be loaded onto rail transport. The truck traffic is a major issue in its own right, as is the coal dust which comes off such loads. They are mostly uncovered and the dust is a major health issue. Chronic asthma and respiratory disease in existing coal mining communities is evidence of this.
What's next - Allegiance Coal plans to begin negotiating access and compensation agreements with those in the MDL as early as October 2012.

This is one of the reasons we think it is important to "Lock the Gate", "Lock the Street", "Lock Croftby".

Mining companies do not like confrontation: they'll huff and puff in a way that can be threatening and intimidating. We believe there is only one Australian case of a coal miner taking people to court to force entry (we believe no instances of court action have occurred in relation to CSG drilling). It is also important to remember a case will never go straight to court- by law mediation comes first, so the threats of court may be a little premature and designed to intimidate.

Click here to see more information from the Croftby Community Group and to learn how you can help

For more information, you can also contact Croftby residents Paul Coyne Ph: 5463 6828 or Kerryn Anderson Ph: 5463 0442

Coal exploration permits over the wider Scenic Rim region:
The Scenic Rim and its surrounding region has historically supported coal mining - including at Bromelton and Ipswich - but the days of small underground operations are gone.

The photo at the top of this page graphically illustrates modern open-cut methods - the Americans call it ‘mountain top removal’ or mining on steroids because it literally takes all in its path.  This is already happening less than 200km from the Scenic Rim, 170km west of Brisbane.

The town of Acland (population 200) was bulldozed to make way for New Hope Coal’s mine and across the Darling and Western Downs thousands of hectares of quality food growing land is being turned over for two of the largest coal mines in the world. This destruction is also evident in New South Wales’ Liverpool Plains and Hunter Valley areas, where for miles and miles open cuts scar the landscape.

Some landholders have been lucky enough to be able to leave, others remain with properties unsalable because of the impacts from the mines, including coal dust, 24-hour noise and lights, as well as roads made unsafe by the huge numbers of trucks transporting coal and materials. Coal mining is acknowledged as a ‘dirty industry’ associated with asthma, lung disease, including black lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, birth defects and clinical depression. 

The coal mining industry also makes huge demands on water supplies and impacts heavily on surrounding vegetation and wildlife. Plants and animals die when exposed to coal dust.

The rising price of coal means resources in the Scenic Rim, once considered unviable, are now being closely investigated.  Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic’s research shows exploration company Coalbank formerly known as Lodestone, is talking up reserves at Veresdale, Bromelton and Darlington/Lost World Valley; and Carabella Resources is considering the viability of mining outcrops at Barney View.

Watch this space for updates to our research and please feel free to share yours.

The reality of living with modern open-cut coal mining:

Mining companies and governments often speak about the economic benefits of mining for a region, but as modern open-cut mining takes hold in Australia, the real stories of those who live with these large-scale mines tell of devastating impacts on their lives and business operations.

Glen Beutel is the last man standing at Acland, refusing to be moved on.  His story is told here by Alan Jones, along with an interview with third generation farmer Tanya Plant, who lives close to the Wandoan mine. She describes how her childhood dream to run the family farm has been shattered and the reality of life with an open-cut coal mine next door.

Ken and Aileen Harrison moved from Acland to get away from mining, but exploration has followed them to Toowoomba. Their story  is echoed by others across the country.

We must not be complacent about coal mining in the Scenic Rim - there is NO difference between our area and others close by where this is already happening.  Our coal seam gas page has more information about what you can do if you are approached by a mining company.


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Links & Resources

Lock The Gate: A national alliance of 90 community, industry and environmental groups fighting CSG.

VIDEO: ABC Four Corners: Investigative documentary on coal seam gas mining and the cost to farmers and the environment.

VIDEO: Ch9 60 Minutes - Undermined: "It's happening in our backyard. And it's our laws and our politicians who are letting it happen."

Gasland Australia: See the trailer for the Oscar nominated documentary, plus the latest news on CSG.



Statements and opinions contained on this website are given in good faith.  In the preparation of this information, Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic has relied on information including resource company reports (available on-line), resource company and Queensland Government websites, as well as numerous other sources. We believe, on reasonable grounds, this information is reliable and not misleading, however, we are aware the resource industry is constantly changing, as are company structures and ownerships.  We strongly advise you also do your own research into all coal seam gas and coal related issues and draw your own conclusions from all information available.