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Mega Quarries - a step too far for whose benefit?

Two applications currently before council, more expected

Our peaceful rural lifestyle in the Scenic Rim is also under threat from a several applications for mega gravel quarries. Extractive industry is not new to our region, but what is new is the proposed high volume of production and the associated trucks required to export the material from our region.

The Scenic Rim Regional council is currently considering two applications: the first for a mega quarry at Kerry/Christmas Creek to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 350 days a year and the second, by  Neilsen’s Quality Gravels Pty Ltd at Cryna to increase production from 600,000 tonnes per year to 1.5 million tonnes per year.

Word on the street is the Scenic Rim's three other gravel quarries are also expected to apply to increase their production to the 1.5million tonne threshhold.

How will this effect you?

Trucks, trucks and more trucks ...

Mega quarries mean mega trucks.  Not just the normal ones - these are huge B-Doubles. We already see a few passing through, but if our council approves this new high level of gravel extraction, there will be hundreds more trucks on our roads each day to export the gravel from our region. Many of our roads are not designed to take such loads and are not wide enough for safe passing and overtaking. This is a safety issue for our communities as well as visitors who come to, or pass through our Scenic Rim, on a quiet country break.

According to the two current  Development Applications, the majority of these trucks will travel north along Telemon Street into Beaudesert. Once at the intersection of Telemon St and Bromelton St these northbound trucks will either need to travel through the very centre of the town of Beaudesert or west past St Mary’s School.

The Scenic Rim Council's planning committee is expected to meet on Tuesday December 6th to discuss the Kerry Quarry application, with Councilors set to vote on the matter on December 13th. It's important we continue to make sure Council is aware of our concerns, so please consider attending these meetings.

The Quarry Action Group (QAG)  website has more information, including details of the current development applications.


What you can do NOW! ...

Please don't underestimate your contribution. You can be the difference!

1. Get informed ...

With more than 80% of our shire being considered for coal mining and coal seam gas wells, it’s important to know your options if you are approached by a mining company. Join our group, come along to one of our information sessions or become at Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic Face Book fan.

2. Get a sign up

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3.   Join the email list

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4.  Help spread the word

Tell people what's going on and get them involved. Can you help with handing out information? Have time to help in any other way? Email us to offer help or ask us to talk to your group.


5. Donate to the campaign

Every cent you donate helps the campaign, and a one-off donation of any amount is appreciated. If you have the means, you may wish to help us with a regular contribution. You can donate via direct deposit, EFT, cheque or money order, or help us with fundraising.

Direct Deposit or EFT

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Links & Resources

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