So that's the poster, but how are we going to do it?

In a nutshell, we need to survey every home in every street - to record each resident's answer to the question "Do you want your street to stay coal mine and coal seam gas production free?"

But that's a massive task!

Yes - it's a little like eating an elephant. You can only do it one mouthful at a time!

So, in the case of Coal and CSG Free Communities, if one person - or a couple of people - from each street offer to survey their road, with good organisation, we can get a result.

Slowly, slowly, road after road are declared Coal and CSG Free and that then allows the locality or village to also be declared Coal and CSG Free by the Community.  In northern NSW, there has been an overwhelming 98-100% vote in favour of protecting communities and farmlands from gas.

Community meetings are the beginning - they're a great way to learn more about how coal mining and coal seam gas has affected people other areas and also an opportunity to decide if you're interested in taking part. That might be just adding your signature to the survey, or helping to do the surveys.  So please, look for a meeting date which suits and come along, or contact us to volunteer to join our wonderful surveyors.