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Coal and coal seam gas exploration permits over the Scenic Rim council area:

Coal and coal seam gas exploration permits cover more than 80% of our Scenic Rim, as this map from the Queensland government’s website shows.

You can use the mapping below to find if there is an application over your land.  If the detail is not clear, please also use the Government’s resource mapping website  At minimum, you will need to click on exploration permits coal (EPC) and petroleum (EPP) to see details. You can also add cadastral property boundaries to high magnified mapping.


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Coal Seam Gas:  three ‘petroleum’ permits cover our region.  All are held by BNG Pty Ltd, and operated by Bow or Arrow

Permit number         Resource Company

EPP 641                    BNG

EPP 791                    BNG

EPP 644                    BNG


Statements and opinions contained on this website are given in good faith.  In the preparation of this information, Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic has relied on information including resource company reports (available on-line), resource company and Queensland Government websites, as well as numerous other sources. We believe, on reasonable grounds, this information is reliable and not misleading, however, we are aware the resource industry is constantly changing, as are company structures and ownerships.  We strongly advise you also do your own research into all coal seam gas and coal related issues and draw your own conclusions from all information available.


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