Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic is a volunteer group, made up of residents and supporters opposed to the industrialisation of our region.  We believe farming, tourism and industry - including some extractive - can co-exist, if each respects and minimises the impacts on the other.  This current stage of our campaign to protect our area focuses on raising awareness and sending a clear united "no" message to our shire council and the State Government. 

Our campaign costs are high, but we believe essential:

Raising awareness -  we have produced an information brochure, which has been distributed to most 16,000 homes across the shire  (only Tamborine, and Rathdowney, areas are still to receive brochures). Brochure drops have been followed by public information sessions in Boonah and Beaudesert, both attended by hundreds of concerned residents and in the next few months will be followed up with a larger meeting, to include speakers from the resource and agriculture industry, farmers and landholders already affected and legal experts.

United opposition -  as a highly visible sign of opposition to coal and coal seam gas, we have also printed thousands of signs and stickers .   Released only a few weeks ago, these are spreading quickly on gates across our shire and are an effective way of reassuring neighbours that you also share concerns, as well as sending a united message to the our Council and the State Government. Our Protestors on Peaks event - part of a national day of action on October 16, 2011, will also help raise awareness and show strong united opposition.

This is a costly, but essential, exercise to help to protect our region, our lifestyle, our business' and our children's heritage.  
Our costs to date:

*printing 25,000 brochures                                                                                 $1,923.90
*printing inserts detailing area information days                                   appx      $450.00
*first mail out to 7431 homes                                                                               $1047.00      
*second  and third mail outs                                                                  appx     $1,500.00
*initial outlay for 'Lock the Gate' signs                                                                  $380.00  
*printing of posters advertising public information sessions, 
state mapping and permit details for each  area's public meeting                    $300.00 
* printing KTSRS- LTG signs and stickers                                                        $6,352.50 
* banners, poster etc for Protestors on Peaks day                                    appx $500.00
  TOTAL           $12,545.40

With a number of generous donations, including one for $1600 and several between $500 and $100, we are just under half way to covering our costs.  The sale of signs and stickers will go some way to doing this, but we still have a long way to go.  Please consider what part you can play in helping protect the place we live and supporting this very important community campaign.

You can donate now by using the banking details that are located on the right hand site of this page.

To help protect your home and lifestyle, please donate - no donation is too small.  As the song goes "from little things, big things grow'.

We appreciate your support.

Bank details:

Account name: BOSS

Bank: Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633 000

Account number # 133 633 826

(please put  'KTSRS' as the reference, so funds can be easily audited)