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Fassifern Guardian       August 31, 2011

 Fassifern Guardian       August 31, 2011

Beaudesert Times                                            August 17, 2011

Beaudesert Times:   10th August 2011

22 June 2011     Andrew Fraser letter of response to Coal Seam Gas petition

Click HERE to read the letter.

14 June 2011    Protest Over Coal Seam Gas Projects Gathers Steam

By Peter Smith      Tamborine Daily Star

It was supposed to be a quiet holiday Monday on a sleepy back street of Beaudesert.  Helen Street became the focus of community concern over the possible mining activity in the Scenic Rim.  The Queensland Party and the Greens joined with a group of concerned citizens to head off any attempts to approve mining in the Scenic Rim........... READ MORE HERE

28 May 2011     Gates shut in the gas lands

KYOGLE farmer Jim O'Neill has seen the US documentary GasLand and heard the rumours of meat contamination on the Darling Downs.

28 May, 2011     Greens and farmers fight mining land grab

THE next time you hear the words two-speed economy, think two-speed morality instead.

13 May 2011     Did you know an underground pipeline is planned to go across The Scenic Rim by Metgasco? 

This is planned to be a 145km pipeline to go from casino to transport coal seam methane to Ipswich, and it is planned to follow the public road known as the Lions Way. Although this has been chosen to "minimise potential impacts on sensitive ecosystems" - because the Lions Road passes in the middle of the  World Heritage-listed Border Ranges National Park, the concern is it will still cause significant environmental impacts anyway as they plan to clear and level a 30m access corridor, dig a trench (approx 2-5m depth), and engineer where the pipe will cross the many exisiting creeks.  

Matgascos website is:

You can look at the NSW planning application:

5th May 2011  National Trust Submission - NSW Coal and Gas Strategy

To all those with concerns about the rapid expansion of coal and seam gas 
mining in NSW - and heritage matters affected by that, here is a very good 
submission from the National Trust more HERE

7th April 2011   Scott Buchholz MP FEDERAL MEMBER FOR WRIGHT

RE:  Carabella Resources Limited- Coal Seam licence at Barney HERE to read the letter



April 2011      The health effects of breathing the air near coal mines

By S.Bradbury

Air pollution takes different forms.  We can't see most of the things floating around in the air, but these things, called particulate matter (PM), can damage our more HERE


24 March 2011       Coal Mining a Remote Chance 

By Chris Garry

18 March 2011      Coal anger rises in the Scenic Rim

By Chris Garry

ANTI-COAL anger is rising in the Scenic Rim, with a councillor saying the picturesque region should be mine free.

A protest group, Keep theScenic Rim Scenic, is holding a public meeting tonight, where British scientist Dr Dick van Steenis will speak ....... read more

16 March 2011       Council ready for coal exploration fight

By Ashlynne McGhee

Mining company Carabella Resources Limited has been granted a permit to explore Mount Barney and Maroon.

Councillor Cathy Bensted says it is an intrusive process and residents are concerned about environmental impacts

to read more ......


Carabella Resources Limited’s ( ) website and shareholders portfolio clearly reveals plans to commence coal exploration in the scenic Mt Barney valley at Barney View in 2011. Local residents and council were caught completely unaware of the impending plans of this profit-driven shareholder company, who’s ultimate aim is to exploit the finite natural resources of The Scenic Rim.

The planned coal exploration and coal mine is adjacent to World Heritage-listed Mt Barney National Park, and is a designated “National Landscape” and is called “Australia’s Green Cauldron” (this is a Parks Australia and Tourism Australia project  )

Innes Larkin, owner/operator of Mt Barney Lodge said “Carabella Resources Ltd is planning to explore and potentially mine coal in a region of national significance, it has been listed as the third most biodiverse region in Australia. We intend on sending a clear message to the State Government to protect our shared environmental assets and halt coal exploration immediately”.

This impending project brings Queensland’s two most significant industries head to head – coal mining and tourism. The Mt Barney precinct is a thriving tourism destination recognised by Tourism Queensland and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council. It is a region that is only 90 minutes drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, yet retains a sense of wilderness and escape from the urban centres that surround it. This region is also important to Brisbane and Gold Coast residents who have visited it over the years for bushwalking and camping, and have a wealth of collective memories and experiences from the area.

The plan for coal mining is in direct conflict with the voiced dreams of The Scenic Rim community, who clearly expressed their vision to council during the recent community consultation process during council amalgamations in 2008. The shared dream is to value and protect the environmental assets, scenic amenity and rural character and lifestyle of The Scenic Rim.

The communities wishes are actioned by John Brent, the current Mayor of The Scenic Rim. Mr Brent, has to date (4.3.2011), avoided going on the public record in the last 4 weeks regarding the council position on coal mining in the Mt Barney Valley. This is of great concern, and seems to send the message that no news is bad news.

Carabella Recources is just one of the many companies with mining interests in the Scenic Rim.

How is The Scenic Rim Regional Council and Mayor going to respond to this and other coal threats in The Scenic Rim?

Will an informed community act now together to have their united voice heard AGAINST coal exploration and mining in The Scenic Rim.

Take the first step and email "Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic" :

Look at the next tab in detail "What can I do to help".


Thanks for caring enough to take action,

The "Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic" Committee

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